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I cannot sleep, thanks to the midol I took earlier. I'm convinced that no matter how early I take it, I remain awake for hours.

Christmas went well. As did Maxwell's birthday today (Sunday). He loved the ring I got him and was surprised by it completely.

Mother is (possibly) coming down and staying with us tomorrow. On Tuesday, I pick up Heather and Liam from the airport. They'll be staying with us until Friday. Should be good times.

I wish it was the 1st already. I really want to get another start on this 365 project.

I need to get caught up on my reading and knitting projects. I need to finish this scarf soon. And I am 8 books away from my 50 books read in 2009 goal. I doubt I'll get 8 read before Jan. 1st. For some reason, my brain cannot stay focused on any book I am currently reading, let alone 8 of them. One failed goal for the year. Next year will go better. I intend to make that happen.

Mom got me a sign language dictionary with over 4000 signs in it. I'm looking through a page a day and practicing them. I need to be refreshing my memory on the signs we learned in sign language 1 so I don't suck in sign language 2. It's amazing to me how many I've already forgotten.

I think I'm going to go put in an "I Love Lucy" DVD until I somehow pass out. Playing on the internet is not making me as tired as I would of liked it to.
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Max has felt sick all week.

I'm feeling incredibly ill today.

Merry Christmas to us.
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It's been a long time since I"ve logged onto this and I find I can only hit "previous" on my friends list once, leaving me with oh so few updates. But I'll spend my time journal hopping and catching up. I need something to kill some time (plus, I miss dreamwidth).

I completed the fall semester with 5 A's and 1 B. I'm rather pleased, though the B was from a class I was not expecting to receive a B in. Ah well. Only a few more weeks until the new semester; I'm excited and nervous. I'm taking biology, and I just plain suck at science classes on a college level. And I'm taking an anthropology course that I've been advised by other students to not take. The professor is horrendous, from their reviews. I'm not dropping it though. I'd rather take anthropology than sociology.

Tomorrow, after Maxwell gets off from work, we'll be heading up to his mother's house and staying the night. Around lunch on Christmas day we'll be heading my mom and step-dad's house and celebrate with them. It should be good times.

Maxwell is currently passed out on the other couch while I sit on the computer, watching The House Bunny on Netflix (because why not?) and knitting in the semi-dark. I want to finish this scarf for his mom but my arms are killing me. I'm a little less than half way done. I could complete it...if my arms and hands would allow it.

What else? People suck, for no real reason other than I cannot stand them. I like being a loner.

I'm rather certain that is a complete up-to-date on my life. I'm a boring individual but I love it.
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Why do I always seem to feel the worse, health-wise, on days when I cannot skip? I'm feeling incredibly ill but tomorrow is my long day. I have a presentation in the morning, a sign language test and my other night class that I missed two weeks ago, so I cannot miss again.

I'm ready for the end of the semester, I think that what it all boils down to. Two weeks of classes and one day of finals away. Hot damn, it's exciting.
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I know I never log on here anymore. I need to fix that....

I've updated my etsy shop! I've added three new images and lowered some prices. I have a scarf that I had planned on giving to someone for Christmas but as I doubt I'll be seeing any of my family (and never did decide who to give it to anyway), I'm considering putting it up for sale, as well. I might post some pictures of it later and see what you guys think. It's kinda weird but I like it, which hopefully means someone else would like it, too.

I also have an interesting photography idea that I'm going to think a little more on. If I decide to go through with it, I'll let you guys know!

I'm glad I'm working on it again. Hopefully it will help me get out of this creative rut I've kinda put myself in. And maybe it will help me be able to purchase batteries so my camera doesn't have to sit in its bag all of the time.
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On the first day on NaNo, I wrote roughly 1200 words. I haven't written anything else since but I have not lost hope at all. I've just been busy with school related stuff. I knew I'd be too busy to win this go around but I wanted to prove to myself that I could still stick with it. And I am.

Though I haven't been writing, I've been contemplating my story. And I've come to the conclusion that it could be greatly interesting if I were to plan it better. I thought of it an hour before NaNo began; not too much thought was put behind it, incase you could not guess. I'm going to continue with where I'm going with it and continue to work on it little by little until either July or November. The former will bring me to JulNoWriMo, which will have me with supposedly more writing time. It will all depend on if I feel up to the challenge once it comes around.

I really need to get off this computer and start packing. Max and I are taking a mini-break to house sit for his mother for the weekend. And since I have two tests and two projects due the beginning of next week, I have a lot of crap to bring with me. Oh the joys of an ending semester.
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Oh dear me! I've all but completely abandoned Dreamwidth. Crazy of me, really.

Expect more posts this November! I'm starting a lot of projects tomorrow that I hope I can at some point complete.... Haha.
  • NaNoWriMo: I'm not planning on completing this one. But I do want to make an effort. I'll feel successful if I just actually try.
  • NaBloPoMo: I'll be updating my wordpress blog on a daily basis but I'll try to copy/paste as many as I can over here. I'm working out a daily schedule so I don't feel overwhelmed with coming up with things to talk about. Should be interesting, maybe.
  • NoNaNoWriNoNoMo: As much as I want to practice writing, I've been slacking on the photography front. I need to kick my ass back into shape and start carrying my camera around with me again. Oh, how I miss you, WALL-E
  • mission101: I was going to wait until the new year but I'm not sure that I can. A lot of my projects on my list (which I will be posting tomorrow as my first NaBloPoMo entry) won't start until the new year but I still wish to get started, it appears. Participating in the three above are all on the list, and will continue to be on the list until my 1001 days are completed.
That's not include the three test I have during the first week and a half of November, the huge projects I have due at the beginning and end of November, plus practicing my song I have to sign for my sign language final, plus Dirty coming to visit for a few days next week, plus figuring out a way to celebrate Thanksgiving plus trying to find a job plus.... I'm not even sure what else anymore. But it's a rather long list. I keep signing up for these things in November when I need to just accept the fact that November is one of my busiest months while in school. I'm determined to give it all a go though!

For now, knitting and homework! I'm thrilled to not have plans on Halloween (apparently, the only person who is so) and am enjoying the day by catching up on school work and working as hard as I can on my knitting projects that I've been putting to the side. I will get these finished on time, dammit!!
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The though of sitting down and actually writing an entry baffles my mind anymore. It isn't that I don't have things to write about. I think it's mostly that blogging has currently lost its appeal to me. Hopefully this can change eventually. I have such few hobbies as it is, I would hate to lose one.

Quick updates, in the form of bulletins. Cause that is how I roll.

    • Seems to be going okay. I'm not doing outstandingly well in any of my classes, but I'm not failing either. I'm pulling an A so far in sign language and art appreciation. I'm not sure about my library science grade, but I think it is okay. I participate and turn everything in on time, so it shouldn't be too hard to pull an A. I'm not sure about my practicum grade, but I do like the class I visit during the week a lot. The kids and the teachers are all great and I'm told I'm doing okay. Hopefully I'll continue to do well. We had our first test in my parental guidance class earlier this week. I do not think I did well at all; I skipped Wednesday when we were supposed to find out our grades. I wasn't feeling well, but I think this was mostly due to me being so nervous over the results. I'm still not feeling all that well, though.
    • Horrible. Simply horrible. I put in an application at a photo center, was told I'd get a call the following Monday to set up an interview. Monday came and went with no call. As did Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.... Then Friday I was so fed up I called every day care in town to see if they were hiring. None were when I called but a few said they would be in the next month or so. So I went to grab applications and stopped by the photo center to see if they were still interested. The associate told me the district manager had all of the apps and would be calling people soon. This was about two weeks ago. Still no call. And I regret never turning in those day care apps now. I found some places hiring cashiers today. I'm going to go grab applications this weekend and turn them in. Maybe one of them will pull through.
    • My first gallery show came and went. It was neat to see my stuff up on a wall, but at the same time kind of a let down. My stuff was the smallest of everything hung up (the rest were mostly paintings and blown up [and amazing] photography pieces) and just didn't seem to compare to the others. This could just be me being all blah about my own talent (or lack there of), though. I was told by a few people that they really liked my stuff. Maybe someone will buy something eventually. They'll be on display till mid-November, which is pretty cool. Hopefully I'll be able to put more stuff up another time.
    • The show was fun. Though my ex was there which made me somewhat uncomfortable. Maxwell too, really. And when his friends starting showing up, I just wanted to leave. I had no one there in support of me other than my family, until some of my old co-workers showed up. But they showed up right when we were leaving (mom and my step-dad had to drive back home that night so we couldn't stay long). I'm glad they showed up though.
    • I have my first engagement photo session next week! I'm getting paid for it and everything! Not a lot but I don't think I have the right to charge a lot, anyway. It should be fun. I graduated with the girl and we have been messaging back and forth for months about doing something. She asked me to photograph her wedding and as much as I want to, I've never photographed a wedding before so I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask. I told her if she trusted me, I would gladly do it but I don't expect it to happen. It would be quite badass, though.
    • I'm starting to get into the habit on working on all my projects at least a little every night. I finished my mother's scarf for her birthday and my nephew's scarf for Christmas. I really need to work on my niece's some more but I lost my copy of the pattern. I'll try to remember to print off another copy while on campus next week. I'm also working on a scarf for my grandmother, a scarf for a friend of Maxwell's and a scarf for me. I found a skein of yarn earlier this week that I just fell in love with and while I don't really need a scarf, I'm loving how this one is turning out. After I finish my internet stuff, I'm going to get a start on Maxwell's mother's afghan. I finally found a pattern that I feel comfortable with. It involves sewing, unfortunately, but Maxwell said he'd teach me how so we can work on it together. I wanted to do one with no sewing, but it was just daunting.
    • For $5, someone from a yarn store in town is going to work with me for an hour to help me learn how to knit hats! I need to call and set the appointment but I'm hoping to know how within the next two weeks. I'm so excited. I've been promising Maxwell hats since I taught myself to knit.
    • My birthday was this past Tuesday and it was so much fun. I stayed home from my class, ended up having to call out of my practicum due to car crappiness, bought a lot of yarn, went to the cinema to see Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D (which was so badass) and went out to eat at Chili's. Maxwell also surprised me with cupcakes (dark chocolate cake, some with white icing and some with purple-pink icing), balloons (SpongeBob, purple, grey and pink) and Rocky Horror on DVD. I wasn't expecting anything, so it was a great surprise. I almost cried. We have only one cupcake left. Man, they're addicting.

And lots of other things I'm forgetting, I'm sure. Like I said, my brain just isn't in it, as much as I want it to be.
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I’m so incredibly busy now thanks to school I rarely have time to just sit online. And when I do get online, I have a purpose and tend to forget to check the other things I’m so used to checking. Mostly, the Blogosphere does not enter in well during my school schedule. But I’m starting to get into a more relaxed routine, so maybe that can soon change.

The reason I am updating now, though, so because of what is occurring in my life tomorrow. I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. I haven’t said anything yet because I didn’t want to somehow jinx the opportunity but since I’ve had numerous emails with the owner and confirmation, I feel safe to say something now.

Three of my photography pieces are getting put in a new art gallery in town!

I’m incredibly excited over it. I’m still not 100% certain on which ones I’m going to send it but I think I have it narrowed down. I’m mostly trying to decide if I want to showcase some portrait pieces in the hopes of someone asking me to shoot them (and getting paid that way) or posting just some other shots and put prices on them, in the hopes of making money that way. Either way, I’m hoping I receive some form of cash from this. I’m leaning more toward that last option for now and hoping that I’ll be given another chance to add some stuff later.

I’m still not certain if my pieces will be hung up tomorrow (tomorrow is opening night!) or if they’re going be put on hold, so to speak, for an upcoming circulation. I’m thinking it’s the former but I cannot be certain.

I need to purchase some frames for them. I was going to use what money I had left in the bank to do that but we needed to get me some medicine yesterday and bought some other things, so that idea is now gone. I’ll have to wait until after Maxwell gets paid, purchase the frames, make them all pretty and dash on over the gallery. I forgot this tidbit when I suggested a meeting time but I think I can work it out okay.

Other than that great news, everything else has been kind of blah. I’ve been in a few applications but have yet to hear back from anyone. Friday, I’m calling every day care in the phone book and seeing if they are hiring. I just keep praying and hoping my luck will change soon.

I know I need to remain positive and I’m sure I’ll be able to get back on that road soon. But for now, with two tests coming up and the gallery tomorrow, my stress is going to take hold for a while, I believe. And once I start stressing about one thing, every other thing I am/should be stressing about seems to come more into focus. I’m still hopeful, though it’s running low. Something has to change soon, though, right?
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I hate admitting this, but let's face it: I'm broke. If I don't hear back from someone soon, I'm not sure how we'll make it. To hopefully make some extra money, I've put up some of my photography pieces for sale. I'm not begging or asking anyone who is reading this to purchase something. But if there is something I have up that you would like, please purchase it. 

I'm making a deal with my blogging friends: If you purchase one photograph, I'll send you another for free. You pick which one you want. It can be one in the etsy shop or one on my photography blogs. (This deal only goes with etsy, though, not Red Bubble because they mail you the photograph, not me.)

If you do purchase something, leave me a comment on here or send me a message so I know! I would be greatly appreciative.

Click here to go to my etsy shop or click here to check out my Red Bubble account.
Click here to check out my wordpress photography blog or click here to check out my blogger photography blog.

If you see an image in one of my photography blogs you'd like to purchase that I do not have for sell, get in contact with me. I'll be more than willing to post it for you! (This excludes photographs of people.)

If you have any friends you might be interested, please send my links their way. I'm adding new pictures daily (or at least every-other-daily!)!

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